Do you sponsor?

Not at the moment, we usually reach out to people we believe that would be potential to the Mutual Friends Family.

 Is Mutual Friends a secure and safe site to order from? 

Our "Statement Of Security" is your assurance that you'll never have to worry about credit card safety, while shopping at Mutual Friends.

We utilize a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for data encryption to protect the transmission of information when you submit to your information to Mutual Friends. This means your credit card number, and order details are encrypted during the transaction process.

When you shop at Mutual Friends, you'll be joining millions of customers around the world, who have safely shopped over the Internet. We are confident you will enjoy the safety, and convenience of shopping from home.

What type of payment options does Mutual Friends take?  

Mutual Friends accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express.

All Funds must be in U.S. Dollars

Credit Cards: 
You can safely enter your entire credit card number, via our secure server, which encrypts all submitted information. We bill all Credit Card orders the day we receive your order and bill the full amount all at once. 

Is my information safe?  

Yes, we do not store, share, or sell your credit card and personal information. 

Will I receive a receipt? 

You will receive a confirmation email invoice of your order at the conclusion of the ordering process. If you misplace this confirmation, we will be more than happy to forward an additional copy.

All orders shipped from Mutual Friends will include a packing slip along with your order.